An occupant list is a general list. It has no names and very few ways to be defined. The basis of an occupant list is the carrier route. When you order an occupant list you must select a whole carrier route which is roughly 350 records on average. You can however break it up by type of record – apartments, homes, businesses, PO boxes – and then also by average income of that particular route.  However, breaking up this type of list may very well affect your total postage if used for a mailing.

An occupant list is the least expensive list you can purchase and is the natural choice when you are only concerned about getting your mail piece delivered regardless of who lives at an address AND you want all the addresses in an area. In addition to selecting by geographical criteria (route, zip code, city, state, etc.) you can also select by a radius around an address.

Occupant lists can only be purchased for one time use.  When doing a walk sequence mailing it must have been put in the correct walk sequence by the USPS or a certified source within 90 days of the mailing.   Walk sequence will generally get you the lowest rates.

Finally, you may address an occupant list just about any way you want – Neighbor, Our Friends At, Pizza Lover, Home Owner … any number of ways. The most common addressing is Current Resident but you do have flexibility.

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