Allmail USA is always looking for ways to embrace new technology to eliminate or streamline unnecessary paperwork and complicated processes; that’s why we participate in eInduction – to save you time, and money.

  1. Streamlined Mail Induction Process: The use of available data speeds intake of mail containers, it enables quicker processing through the online postal systems, it eliminates the need for clerks to manually reconcile containers against paper documentation, and provides 24/7 appointment resolution.
  2. Accurate Mail Preparation Process: The electronic process simplifies mail preparation, improves accuracy, reduces delays, errors, and the possibly of rejection at the entry facility.
  3. Data-Driven Process Enabling Transparency and Future Improvements: eInduction offers improved reporting, coupled with scanning technology deployed throughout the postal network, presenting an unprecedented level of transparency into the processing of your mail piece. 

For more information call 314-426-6245 or email production@allmail-usa.com