Printing and mailing can be a messy business, which is why Allmail USA has partnered with Always Green Recycling and Kustom Printing Products to ensure we reduce our waste as much as possible. 

Reusable Ink Cartridges  Printing all those addresses, we use a lot of ink!  That’s why we use recyclable ink cartridges that can be sent back to our supplier and reused again.  More ink for your mailings, less waste in landfills – it’s a win, win!

Paper Products It’s hard to print addresses without paper stock – and believe me, we go through a lot of paper.  Occasionally pieces don’t look quite right and need to be reprinted or perhaps we have more overs than were needed.  That’s where Always Green Recycling comes in – all our non-sensitive printed material and packaging is collected and sent for processing to become other paper products – that’s more mailings for you, less trees cut down – it couldn’t be any easier.

By conserving our natural resources, we keep our communities clean and leave the world better for generations to come. 



Instead of picking-up any stock overages would you like to have them recycled?  Just let our customer specialists know when you place your order that you would like to have any overs put in the recycle bin; it’s that easy! 

Please note:  All orders not specified to be picked-up, will be recycled following Allmail’s overage retention period.

For more information call 314-426-6245 or email